Industrial Equipment

VIP Systems offers consulting & turnkey project management. Some of Our Projects:

VIP SYSTEMS has practical experience in realizing the digitalization of Libraries.
We help you to find for your library project the best solutions in this wide
And fast evolving field.

Importance of reliable water supply can hardly be underestimated in all areas of human activity. Water treatment equipment should meet the highest technical standards to ensure that water of the required quality is supplied to all consumers. Over the years our company has organized and supervised a number of projects that involved design and construction of water treatment plants using the most modern technology and equipment. Our experience and contacts in the industry allow us to conduct project management, including technical and economic assessment, cost evaluation, logistics and general supervision.

Milking equipment

Effective milking equipment is the essential part of the modern animal farming industry. It will increase your profits by empowering you to produce highest quality milk, enabling higher volumes and less manpower. We supply milking systems, milk meters, indicators, clusters, liners, vacuum, automation, filters, tubing, receivers and more. Excellent milking hygiene is provided on our milking systems.

Production of compound animal feed

We offer a suitable plant for each purpose and each capacity. We install complete technological production lines for animal feed including mills, extruders, expanders, and mixing stations. From planning the plant, over choosing the right components, according to your needs and budget, delivering at your site, installing, training your stuff to performing the warranty and after-warranty service.

Slaughtering plants

Customized plants for cattle slaughtering: project engineering, selection and supply of the needed equipment; staff training and after-sales service.

Beer Production

Modern technologies combined with old traditions are the basis for the perfectly brewed beers. VIP Systems supplies the full range of equipment for brewery plants, small breweries and pub breweries: fermentation and storage tanks with electronically controlled cooling, heat- ing system, yeast propagating plant with integrated wort sterilization.

Potato Products, snacks, nuts and seeds

  • Production lines for frying potatoes including flavouring module
  • Production lines for frying and coating nuts
  • Unique dosing systems, conveyor systems, vi- brating trays, sliding gutters
  • Packaging machines

VIP SYSTEMS supplies vehicles for public services, such as industrial sweeping trucks, garbage trucks, road cleaning trucks,
street washing vehicles, fire trucks, concrete mixers and cement transporters, suction excavators, snow removal vehicles and many other special vehicles.

VIP SYSTEMS carries out delivery, commissioning, installation and servicing of equipment for different pharmaceutical and health care applications:

  • Equipment for filling parenterals aseptically into plastic containers by BFS technology (blow – fill – seal).
  • Tunnels for cleaning, sterilization and drying of ampoules, syringes, injection and infusion bottles.
  • Fill and seal machines for vials and threaded bottles as well as capping machines.
  • Equipment lines for the production of pill blisters.